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District Staff

Reinvent a diverse district.

In schools and our central office, our team is building a dynamic district that ensures everyone can thrive, from students and families to teachers and principals. Together, we’re setting a new standard and redefining what an urban school district can do. This means changing cultures in schools, supporting higher expectations for educators, and making sure our school buildings are great places to teach and learn. Every person counts and every job matters. We’re one team, and we’re all in.

Stretch your skills with real responsibility.

Forget big bureaucracy; on the lean central office team, each person wears many hats, and everyone has an impact. Working with a mid-sized district – 34 schools and 4 alternative education programs – means we can try new approaches at a larger scale than small districts yet pivot in ways larger districts can’t. And when we get things right, we can see the changes taking hold, campus by campus. 

Join a dynamic team of passionate professionals. 

We’re building a team focused on doing the right thing for kids, and attracting top talent from across the Northeast. Our team includes dedicated Syracuse natives as well as newcomers from Baltimore, DC, New York, and beyond. But everyone chose Syracuse to be part of something big. A tight-knit group, we move fast and push each other’s thinking, whether we’re training principals, redesigning leadership roles for teachers, or opening a new type of school.

How to Apply

Candidates for certified district support staff positions – including but not limited to Central Office administrators, peer observers, psychologists, social workers, nurses and teaching assistants – should follow the steps below.

If you are interested in non-certified positions at SCSD – including clerical, custodial and food service positions – apply here. Please note that many of these positions require qualification based on a civil service exam.

If you need assistance with any step of the application process, please call us at (315) 435-4171 or email us at Additionally, we have computers available and will help you complete your application on site at 725 Harrison Street in the Office of Human Resources (Room 111). 

  1. 1

    Online Application

    Upload your resume and provide responses to several short-answer questions (up to 2 hours). For most positions, you’ll usually hear back from us regarding next steps within two weeks if we believe you may be a good fit for the position.

  2. 2

    Phone Interview

    For most positions, candidates will interview with the SCSD recruitment and selection team (30-45 minutes). As a next step, candidates for some positions will receive an email with pre-work for the in-person interview.

  3. 3

    In-Person Interview

    Candidates for school-based positions will interview with the principal on campus. Candidates for Central Office positions will interview with representatives of the appropriate team and complete performance tasks related to the responsibilities for that position.

  4. 4

    Superintendent Interview

    Candidates for district administrator positions will participate in a one-on-one interview with Superintendent Jaime Alicea (30 minutes).

    Please note: The selection process outlined above is subject to change. If you experience technical difficulties, please email or call 1-855-980-0511. For questions about SCSD or the application process, contact the SCSD recruitment and selection team here

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View All Jobs

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